Tenn. GOP lawmaker credits Hooters for success 

After my Slate article on working at Tokyo Hooters, a lot of people seem to expect me to hate on the company. The truth is, I’m with Rep. Hurley. Waitressing is tough. Waitressing while basically wearing an orange spandex diaper can try the soul. And yet, most of the women I met during my (very brief) time on the job were cool, smart, hard-working hustlers.

Some of them were working three jobs to support themselves. Some lived with their parents and just wanted “exposure” or a little extra cash for blingy cell phone covers. Whatever. They all just got it done. I find that admirable.   

(For what it’s worth, the management and trainers at Hooters were very respectful and considerate of employees.)

Now if only those crotch-creeping shorts didn’t cause PTSD…